Visual Development

Valparaiso Painting

This  personal illustration was inspired by the colorful coastal town of Valparaiso, located an hour away from Santiago, Chile.

Carmen Sandiego Valparaiso v6.png

Color and value explorations

Nora's House

The following images are part of a personal project, inspired by the reclusive Nora who is a map maker.

Nora's Room Final.png
Noras room cropped 2.jpg

Senior Thesis Project

The following are part of the visual development of my MFA Thesis, a title sequence for the novel One Hundred Years of Solitue.

Vis Dev Portfolio_02_v3.jpg
Vis Dev Portfolio_paper.jpg
Vis Dev Portfolio_Little girls.jpg
Vis Dev Portfolio_03.jpg
Vis Dev Portfolio_06.jpg
Vis Dev Portfolio_08.jpg
Vis Dev Portfolio_04.jpg
Lady Skirt revisiones 2021_smallever v2.