Nora's room: She's a witch who has lived hundred of years in a room with her map collection and her cat, of course.

These are some of the earliest ideas for the witch’s room. She was to be a bit of a hermit and I was thinking of having a room where wood and vines would be important in it. Also books and fishes on little plastic bags.

Eventually I decided to revise the composition of the image and work on making the design of the elements a lot more specific. I wanted to prioritize geometric designs and a lot of details within details. 

I like to show my work to friends before going to color. So, after that, I decided to make some changes to the composition and also consider the value scheme.

After much back and forth I created this color comp. I was looking at the work of some great artists where cyan is a very important color. I wanted the room to feel magical in the colors too.

Some details here, I really wanted the door to have a unique design and also include early ideas like the carnivorous plant and the bag of fish as well into it. Also, her coat was a lot of fun, because I always imagined her as a fashionable witch.

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