MFA Thesis (2019)


In the original storyboard, we covered the story through the moment the girl discovers a boat that she places on her skirt, this leads us into the jungle and we encounter Jose Arcadio Buendía and Ursula Iguarán. Who are the founders of Macondo, the iconic village from the novel.


I decided to focus on the moment where the character opens the cloud until the fish jumps on her ear for the final animated sequence.

Visual Development

I wanted the feeling of paper to be an important aspect of the design process, since it's a material that resonated with me. So I did experiments using paper to see how this could feel.

Papel cayendo 2.png
mona vieja luna.jpg
Style Illustration.jpg

I eventually decided to work digitally but trying to replicate the behavior of paper as closely as possible.

Character: Lady with a Jungle Skirt 

Early explorations.

Face character.jpg
Lady Skirt.jpg

I eventually decided to develop her character and skirt with a simple graphic look. I also integrated integrated the geometric designs found in indigenous textiles from the region of Santa Magdalena, Colombia.

Characters: Death and Amaranta

Gesture (2).JPG

Developing the character of Death was one of my favorite parts, since I love the idea of showing it as femenine and playful. As part of the process I like to draw quick gestures that make me feel like the character is alive, and from there I start working on simple graphic shapes that represent the character.


Amaranta's design was meant to feel rigid, like her personality in the novel. The character's outfits were done with digitally cutout paper, each was a different grain and type.

Color Script


The sequence involved the idea of showing the colors of one single day, to echo the idea of time. I had the great luck of receiving help from artists Shannon Parayil and Sakina Minnis, who helped me develop this idea.


Falling_Flowers (0;00;08;01).png

The title was a really fun and important challenge, because I felt like it had to symbolize the book. So I used yellow as the main color because it's a key motif in the novel. In fact, the reason why we transition to the title with a rain of yellow flowers, is because of an important moment in the book where there is a rain of yellow flowers.

Title Roughs.jpg

The flowers were designed directly in Adobe Illustrator because it makes it easy to play with shape and do pattern variations quickly.



This project was animated with a mix of pose to pose animation and After Effects. Compositing there allowed me to create appropriate drop shadows and give things a paper feel.

This project was developed between the summer of 2018 and 2019. I could not have done it without the help of my advisors, Pamela Mathues, Mark Henne and Antone deFato. As well as the wonderful volunteers: Shannon Parayil, Emily Skopp, Farhan Chowdhury, Eryn Suchara and Sakina Minnis. A special thanks to Steven Saulls who composed the music for the piece.


This project pays tribute to the extraordinary novel One Hundred Years of Solitude. I chose to honor it, because it presents so well the livelines, struggles and history of South America. It is also one of my favorite books!

As part of my MFA thesis, I developed a Title Sequence for the novel "One Hundred Years of Solitude" from Gabriel García Márquez.

The overarching idea was to have a lady with a jungle on her skirt that becomes urban as time passes by.


An important theme in Márquez's novel, is the passage of time, and it's famous for its magic realism. So this character represented that.

Skeleton and Amaranta.png

Another element of the sequence was "the inside of the skirt". I thought it could be interesting if we could have a progression of going inside of it, so that we could see the characters of the novel.

I chose the character of Amaranta and her friend Death as they walking down the street, because their friendship felt to me a great example of magic realism.